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Institute management
Prof. Dr. Michael Kobel
Tel.: ++49 351 463 39880
E-Mail: kobel{at}
Institute administration
Tel.: +49 351 463 35461
Fax: +49 351 463 33114
E-mail: IKTP{at}

guest address:
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Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics

Particle Physics

Prof. M. Kobel
particle physics logo
  • Data analysis in ATLAS for Extentions of the Standard Model of Particle Physics
  • the Search of the Higgs-particle with ATLAS
Experimental Particle Physics

Prof. A. Straessner
experimental particle physics logo
  • Data analysis in ATLAS
  • Hardware development for future experiments
Phenomenology of
fundamental Particles

Prof. D. Stöckinger
phemomenology of elementary particles logo
  • Theoretical Particle Physics
  • Supersymmetric Models beyond the Standard Model
  • g-2 Precision measurement
Nuclear Physics

Prof. K. Zuber
nuclear physics logo
  • Detector development and Simulation for GERDA
    and COBRA
  • Test measurements and Physics Analysis for SNO+
  • Precision Experiments with ISOLTRAP
Radiation Physics Group

PD Dr. J.Henniger
radiation physics logo
  • Dosimetry of ionizing radiation
  • Radiation Transport Calculations
  • Application of Radiation in Medicin and Biology
  • Radiation Protection Cources
Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

Dr. F. Siegert
ATLAS Monte-Carlo logo
  • Data analysis in ATLAS with respect to QCD aspects within the Standard Model
  • Monte Carlo simulation for theoretical predictions at particle colliders
HZDR-Logo Institute of Radiation Physics

Prof. T. Cowan
Prof. U. Schramm
  • Cancer Research
  • Nucleare Safety Research
  • Physics of Hadrons,Physics of Nuclei
  • Radiation Source ELBE
  • Laser Particle Acceleration
Science Communication

Dr. U. Bilow
  • Teilchenphysik und Astroteilchenphysik für Jugendliche, Lehrkräfte und die breite Öffentlichkeit
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Institute seminar

Physikalisches Kolloquium (16:40): Markus Schumacher
"The Higgs boson: status of deciphering its nature four years after its discovery"

Gerhard Buchalla
"New Physics in the Higgs Sector -- An Effective Theory Approach"


Unterrichtsmaterial zur Teilchenphysik

Band "Kosmische Strahlung" jetzt erschienen


Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics für Neutrinophysiker

TU Dresden-Professor Kai Zuber unter den Preisträgern

Bachelor thesis
Current bachelor thesis at IKTP